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Estafania Opera1894 1.jpg

In my own Words

I'm Estefanía, a Mexican soprano. I grew up in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, very close to a beautiful town within the immense city called San Pedro, Tlaquepaque, where I always return to impregnate myself with its colors and traditions.  I also believe in the possibility of fulfilling our dreams and goals with constant patience and perseverance.

My Story

More than a decade ago I left my country to fulfill my dream, to become a professional opera singer living from and for my voice.  My dream was that my voice will become my wings and it will take me to places I was always wanted to see. What an amazing journey it has been so far! So I've hit the road only with a suitcase full of illusions, 360 euros in my pocket but above all, a suitcase full of dreams that I continue to build every day.

During all this time I've been able to obtain my academic degree at the Superior Conservatory of Castilla y León in Salamanca, Spain; and I have to first mention as well my time in Italy where I attended the Accademia D'arte Lirica di Osimo. Osimo is a small town near the city of Ancona from where you can see the Adriatic Sea and its green meadows.


Fate led me by the hand to Budapest, a city that I particularly love and where I graduated from the prestigious Franz Liszt Academy of Music with a master's degree in Opera Singer and where I have seen many of my dreams come true, Budapest is the city where every day I continue to pursue self-improvement as a singer but above all as a human being.

Life has been good and has given me the opportunity to sing with many very talented singers and meet incredible people. I had the opportunity to sing in many cities and different countries, with different orchestras and excellent conductors from whom I always keep a lot of knowledge that I always embrace.         


I remember like it would be today the day I heard a soprano singing in a church and I instantly felt a call and I fell in love with music and especially the opera. That day, I found a purpose in life and I still attend to the call of that voice who leads me and follows me everywhere I go showing me the way.

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